At a meeting in Rhossili Village Hall on 19th September 2006, twelve people from around Gower met and agreed to set up a National Coastwatch group based at the former Coastguard lookout overlooking Worm’s Head. In an e-mail today [19 September 2016] to members from the Station Secretary, Grant Eden, comparison was made, quite reasonably, with other momentous events that occurred on the same day. He also included a copy of the original hand written minutes of that meeting which are held in our archive. Four members of that inaugural group remain as watch keepers today.

That meeting, of course, was just the start of a six month journey which involved fund raising, refurbishment and equipping of the lookout and training of a growing group of volunteer watch keepers. By Easter 2007 we were able to start keeping watch over this spectacular but potentially hazardous stretch of coastline. Whether the original decision was a sound one can be judged from the incident lists.

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