An 'event' that involves the NCI watchkeepers at Worm's Head is designated a formal 'incident' when it involves HM Coastguard who then allocates an 'incident number' to the event. Incidents will often involve Search and Rescue units including the Rhossili Coastguard Rescue Team, RNLI Lifeboats and RAF Rescue Helicopters(in the past) now replaced by Coastguard Rescue Helicopters. Casualties may require medical evacuation via the Wales Ambulance Service or the Air Ambulance. Occasionally, incidents may involve South Wales Police and may be given a 'police incident number'.

In addition to involvement with formal incidents, since the Worm's Head station was established in 2007, NCI watchkeepers have provided service to members of the public on many other occasions including warning people with a siren/loudhailer to  prevent them being stranded on Worm's Head (over 170 occurrences), and provision of first aid for minor injuries (over 75 occurrences).

The formal incidents recorded at Worm's Head are listed under six categories as follows (along with the date of the last incident in each category):-

Stranding on Worm's Head (28 July 2018)
Potential Stranding (21 October 2018)
Medical Evacuation 03 June 2018)
Incidents at Sea (23 August 2016)
Missing Persons (04 August 2011)
Other Incidents (22 February 2019)